Adaptive Intelligent Systems
Advanced welding technologies for Industry 4.0
AIS enables faster and higher quality pipe welding

Circumferential butt welding of pipes present significant challenges to construction, oil and gas, and shipbuilding industries.

  • Shortages of highly trained and skilled welders (6G certified)
  • Careful work piece preparation to ensure consistent weld parameters required for robotic welding

AIS's patented GTAW pipe welding technology dramatically enhances both robotic and manual pipe welding.

  • Full penetration with single root pass on pipes up to 3/8" thickness
  • Up to 50% faster manual welding speed
  • Lower required welder skill level (e.g. 4th class welders)
  • Tolerance for parameter variation with robotic systems

Bypass GMAW - control heat input, higher productivity

Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) offers significant advantages over GTAW and other welding techniques. However, GMAW is limited in speed by the amount of excess heat added to the workpiece.

AIS's patented bypass torch technique utilizes bypass torches to divert current away from the workpiece. This enables

  • Faster welding speeds
  • Reduced workpiece distortion

About Adaptive Intelligent Systems

Adaptive Intelligent Systems, LLC (AIS) is based in Lexington, KY. AIS is led by Professor YuMing Zhang, a leading researcher in the field of welding control and automation. AIS is currently seeking commercialization partners to help bring its technologies to market. AIS thanks the generous support of the United States SBIR program and the Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation. To learn more, email or contact us at 859-354-7386